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Fish Cakes

INGREDIENTS 1kg hake-steamed 1 medium onion-chopped fine ½ cup chopped dhunia 2 seeded chopped green chillies ½ cup chopped fine spring onion 2 medium boiled potatoes-mashed 1 egg whisked for binding 2 eggs whisked for dipping 1 tsp   salt 1 tsp black pepper 1tb crushed garlic ¼ cup lemon juice 2 cups crushed corn flakes […]

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Fish Curry

STEP 1 saute’ 1 grated onion 1 tsp mustard seeds 1 tsp methi seeds 1 tsp geera seeds 1 tbs garlic 1 twig curry leaves Step 2 Roast in oven and grind 2 tbs geera seeds 2 tbs mustard seeds 1 tbs methi seeds Add above to the pot incl 2 tsp chilli powder Cook […]

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Juicy Prawns

INGREDIENTS 1kg C&D queen or king prawns Washed and drained 250g butter 1tbs crushed garlic 1tbs whole jeera 2tbs lemon juice Salt to taste METHOD Cook on medium heat Melt butter; add jeera and garlic, sauté until golden brown Add prawns and lemon juice. Turn prawns a few times, try not to break prawns Cook […]

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