Juicy Prawns


JuicyPrawns1kg C&D queen or king prawns

Washed and drained

250g butter

1tbs crushed garlic

1tbs whole jeera

2tbs lemon juice

Salt to taste


Cook on medium heat

Melt butter; add jeera and garlic, sauté until golden brown

Add prawns and lemon juice.

Turn prawns a few times, try not to break prawns

Cook until done

Garnish with fresh chopped dhania

Keep warm on very low heat until you are ready to serve


Variation peri-peri

Add 2 tablespoon home made prawn/fish paste (seafood Co) to butter.

Do not add salt as spice has salt


Butter sauce

Melt 250g butter

Add 1tb garlic & 1tb lemon juice

Remove add 500mlsour cream, whisk for 1 min

And put back on the stove cook for 5 min or until 1st boil

Keep warm on very low heat


Serve with savoury rice

Serves 4




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